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July 2021

Choc It To Me!

Hellooooo beautiful people! For those of you who are new here, I’m Ada, an aspiring star, blogger, and keto guru, amongst many, many other things. And… because I love you guys so much, yes you! My AMAZING followers; today I’m baking these awesome chocolate chip cookies and sharing my recipe with you! So you’re gonna […]

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Workout Bae

Buck: “…and one and two and three and four! Hold it, Ada, holdddd it! Feel the burn baby!” Me: “Ahhhh, I can’t do this anymore!” Yeah, this wasn’t exactly the way I imagined Buck would have me on my back screaming, but there I was a few moments ago, sprawled on a yoga mat, extremities

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Feelin’ Good

On my way to steal your man! lol Nah… Just off to get vaxxed. So I got the vaccine today and I never thought there were any benefits to being slightly overweight but, in this case, unhealthy BMI for the win!  Yes, my fat-ass literally made me eligible to get it. ( I really need

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