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Appetizers Over Dating Apps – Pt. 1

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Hey Ada gang! 

It’s meeee, Ada Avocado blogger extraordinaire and keto enthusiast! – and do I have a crazy storytime for you!

So I’d been with Toast since we were in college so it’s only natural that I’d be curious about what’s out there now that I’m single.

I finally decided to try online dating just for the fun of it, but mostly because I was bored. That and the fact that fruit and veggies seem to love pairing up early on in life. I mean live a little people! It’s not like you have an expiration date. Umm…well… #awkward

Anyway, I joined a bunch of dating sites and I learned pretty quickly that some are clearly just for hooking up. No judgment here, but that’s not my style. I’m also not a prude though so while I wasn’t into the naughty apps, I wasn’t into the super virtuous ones either. That’s how I ended up on one that was …let’s say… ‘Okay’.

And this is where the shenanigans started. 

The first guy I chatted with seemed pretty normal at first, that is until he called me and I realized he spoke in the third person. Really dude, like how many people are in this convo??

Then came the unsolicited ‘eggplant’ pics from random strangers. I must say those were a hit in the group chat with my girls. So just so you know guys, that’s where those photos end up when WE DIDN’T ASK FOR THEM! Lolololol.

Finally, let’s discuss the ‘Ghosters’. 

Have we been locked down (up? away?) for so long that we’ve forgotten how to communicate?? Lol, how can two people have such great conversations, then suddenly one person disappears from the face of the earth? Rude much?! 

Anyway, I don’t take it personally, it’s more a reflection of their lack of maturity than it is of how interesting I am. I mean I am an anthropomorphic avocado for cryin’ out loud…

Oh crap! Bethany’s coming…

I really need to stop writing this at work but between my job, keto, dating, and my hobbies, when else will I have the time?

Talk to you soon Ada gang. 


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