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Banana Splits and Taco Treats

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Sooo… Bethany hates me! 

I totally thought that she would’ve gone for the piece that I wrote but she censored me and my nips! What happened to girl-power?? 

That article would’ve been so empowering to women and girls everywhere, but noo, “We’re not here to get our tits out Ada.” she said. 

To make it worse the other women in the office agreed with her. Ugh! Such a bunch of suck-ups.

Anyway, I decided to have my lunch in the park while I people-watch for inspiration. I’ve gotta come up with something, and fast! 

I’m completely over writing about the pandemic, I don’t want to write about relationships, and I’m saving all my fashion content for the September issue. That magazine issue is like a fashionista’s bible, and after sitting front row at the best shows, I went in with my opinions about the collections, fashion sustainability, and gender identity when dressing. Bethany’s definitely going to love those articles. I hope…

But I’ve got now to worry about. 

Hmm… what to write, what to write? There’s a guy on the path walking his dog, two girls having a romantic picnic over by a tree, some weirdo in a trench coat even though it’s blazing hot out. Yeah, just a typical day in the city!

Maybe I should just blog about my lunch until inspiration hits. I mean it is a pretty yummy taco salad, it’s Keto and I did make it, so you already know how esthetically pleasing I made this ish look!

So,  this taco salad took almost no time to make and the best part is, it’s totally customizable, so feel free to switch out any ingredients that you don’t like.

You’re gonna need:

Ground beef

Onions (I like red)

Salsa (Simplify your life and just get a quality store-bought one)

Avocado oil (Heyyyy)

Avocado (Yeah yeah, I know, can you say awkward..)

Taco seasoning

Romaine lettuce (iceberg or any other type can work too)

Shredded cheese

Sour cream


Place oil in the pan then add beef and taco seasoning once oil is hot. Brown and cook beef thoroughly then drain off excess oil. 

(Do not do like your girl and leave it in there too long! I burnt that beef within an inch of its life. Now it’s the same color as my tires. *Facepalm lol, so I ended up cooking a second batch)

Plate beef on papertowel off to the side.

Toss all the other salad ingredients together in a large bowl. Then add ground beef and mix again.

Voila! Now it’s Taco Tuesday any day!

You may notice that there are no measurements listed, so…um… I found this recipe online and I closed the browser after I wrote it down and sis was in incognito mode as per usual, so I just let the ancestors whisper the amounts to me and you should too! lol

Let me know in the comments below how your taco salad turned out and I’ll be sure to respond!

P.S. Turns out the guy in the trench is a flasher and his taco meat is not esthetically pleasing! Ugh! Picnicking while female… oh wait… I can write about that!

Thanks for the inspo Ada Gang! 


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