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Giving Up Bread on Keto

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When you ask anyone who’s on keto diet that what’s that one food that he misses so much, the answer will probably be bread. Many people find it hard to live without consuming bread, pasta, and potatoes. However, the keto diet maintains that you divorce these foods for the purpose of shedding those extra pounds of yours.

There are a ton of people who apprehend problems giving up bread totally when on keto. Are you one of these people finding it hard on keto due to the lack of bread Or you want to go keto, but you’ve heard some fairy tales about not being able to consume your favorite bread?

Then read on to find out what you can do to have a nice and truly amazing keto experience without missing your bread!

Make your keto bread 

You don’t have to completely abandon bread when on keto as you can always substitute the carbohydrate-rich refined and whole wheat flours. Get your gluten-free and grain-free coconut flour to make your bread as it is free from carbohydrates. This coconut flour contains an appreciable amount of proteins coupled with abundant fiber.

When baked, it forms lovely bread; you can always count when on keto. This bread also contains essential nutrients that aid your weight loss quest. Guess what again? It’s such an excellent recipe for your hair and skin health.

Things to expect when you give up bread on keto

Rapid weight loss

Needless to say that people go on keto to lose weight. When you cut bread and pasta out of your diet, your body reaches ketosis and results in weight loss. It’s a very effective way of shedding off those extra pounds in no time.

You become fatigued

Another thing you’ll notice when you give up bread when on keto is tiredness. Ordinarily, the body uses the end products of carbohydrates digestion (glucose) as a substrate to generate energy in the form of ATP. These complex sugars give off slow and steady energy when compared to rapid energy from ketones.

These ketones release energy rapidly for body functions, then phase out later on. This can result in excessive tiredness sometimes, but with keto bread described above, the body can cope with these critical changes, and you’ll feel fine afterward.

Keto flu

Have you ever heard of keto flu? Oops! Don’t worry; it isn’t one of those buzzwords you’ve heard out there. Keto flu occurs when you experience symptoms such as achiness, nausea, and drowsiness due to your giving up bread when on keto.

Worried? No, you don’t have to!

Keto flu is normal as the body is entirely getting used to an entirely new diet. You’ll experience these flu-like symptoms for some times; then they disappear as the body gets used to not eating bread, potatoes again.

Reduction in the intensity of workouts

Are you always acting like a superman when you get into the gym? Well, you should know you’ve got to take it easy now as you’ve given up your favorite. It makes you feel like garbage in the gym as you may find it hard to do 50 push-ups at a go just like you used to.

High-intensity workouts require great amounts of carbs as fuel to pull through, but with jogging and lesser intensity exercises such as these, you can always count on your ketones as well.

Success is always proportionate to sacrifice, thus goes the saying, if you want to achieve weight loss, don’t be scared to give up bread. After all, it’s a small sacrifice you’ve got to pay to shed off your extra pounds, which are disturbing your healthy living.

Go for it, and you won’t regret ever giving it up.

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