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Spicing It Up!

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It’s so hard being a woman in business sometimes. Don’t mention if we’ve got a family, cause then we’ve gotta balance work, family, spouse (or not), hobbies, and whatever else we’ve piled onto our over-achieving plates.

Well, I guess that’s the price we pay to have it all!

Anyway, I’m ranting because for all the work I put into my merch shop, you would think that my awesome Ada gang would make sure that I’m constantly sold out! 

Hmm, what am I missing you guys?

I thought I was giving everything I was supposed to give? 

Engaging, interesting content? Check!

Fun, loveable personality? Check!

Cool merch? Check, check and CHECK!

Sigh… maybe you guys aren’t as into me as I thought (sad face)… which sucks because I LOVEEEE me some Ada gang!

So, guys, in an attempt to pique your interest, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. 

I know that we’re all limited on time, so you may have noticed, I’ve shortened my blogs. I’ll still post them every week, but I’m also gonna be posting more fun, visual stuff like memes and comics and Tik Tok videos!

So, go on over and follow me on Tik Tok @itsmeadaavocado,  and also follow me on Instagram @itsmeadaavocado, (if you aren’t already, then shame on you! Lol)

I’ll also have regular giveaways of my merch, more Keto recipes, and crazy storytimes from me and the gang.

Trust me, you will be entertained

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