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The benefits of Avocados on Keto

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So you’re at six and seven about consuming avocados on keto based on what you’ve heard about its high fat content and how it may result in heart disease? Well, many people heard this thing, which has made pockets of people stayed away from avocados for far too long.

But guess what?

Many researchers have recently debunked this myth about avocados and have placed the food in its right perceptive. Yes, the fruit boasts of high fat content with about 77 percent total calories. You can be sure that avocado is one of the fattiest fruits in the world.

Is the avocado now healthy to consume?

Avocados have always been healthy food you can always count on. It’s very versatile and when on keto, it’s even one of the foods you mustn’t joke with as it offers a ton of benefits in tandem with your goals of shedding off those extra pounds.

Are you ready to dig into the benefits of avocados when on keto? Okay, grab your snack and read on!

Benefits of avocados on keto

Weight loss

You may be thinking how is a food with high fat content helps in reducing weight, don’t stress it, it isn’t counterintuitive as it may seem. In reality, food with high fat, protein contents and low carbs is perfect for weight loss. That’s where avocados fall into.

With the high fat and fibre contents, avocados keep the body fuller for a very long time, which consequently results in weight loss. This corroborates a recent study that says avocados support weight loss as compared to eating foods with lower amounts of fats.

Wait! Did you even know that you’ll feel pangs of hunger when you consume a food that’s in carbs and low in fat and protein? That’s it as the reverse is the case when you consume avocados.

Improved heart health

Never again should you believe avocados are bad for your heart. In fact, the reverse is the case. Many research endeavors have confirmed it and pockets of people have come up nowadays to ascertain this claim.

Avocados have a high percentage of monounsaturated fat that helps in fighting a condition called atherosclerosis. This is a very critical condition when the arteries are hardened preventing the proper flow of blood to the heart.

You sure know what that portends? It may result into irreparable damage to the heart but all thanks to the avocados. You don’t have to worry about the high fat content of the keto diet with avocados at your disposal.

Improved and healthier physical appearance

Are you worried about yours look when on keto? No, you don’t have to when you subsist of keto diet with avocados. When you consume avocados, your appearance improves in all ramifications even when on keto.

There isn’t a big secret about it. It’s avocados at work!

They have antioxidant properties that help in slowing down the aging process by fighting off free radicals in the body. It also contains high fat soluble vitamins, which help moisturizes the skin and make it glow.

Sound good? Yes, that’s right

And that’s why pockets of people are now making sure avocados are among their foods when on keto. They are so beneficial to your health and you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this lovely food. Lest I forget, avocados assist greatly in your adaption quest as keto BEGINNER and prevent you from having the keto flu.

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