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Ghouls and Ghosting

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Who’s afraid of the big bad ghost? *Shrugs* Not me.

For context though, I should mention that I’m referring to ‘Ghosting’ of the virtual kind. You know, that covert/overt maneuver people do when you’ve met them online but they’re just not that into you anymore.

It’s annoying AF but, it is what it is I guess. Either you can handle all of this sweet avocado goodness with fat in all the right places, or you simply can’t. The sooner you let me know which one it is, the better.

Anyway, I’ve got other things to focus on besides guys who don’t know just how awesome I am, so their loss!

Like this new merch I’m dropping soon and you are going to LOVE it!! There are gonna be tank tops and tees that you can wear to the gym while you work out on your hot Keto body, annnnd since it’s finally sweater-weather, I’ve also designed some SUPER comfy hoodies and sweats.

(Guys, just buy two hoodies when you order, you know your girlfriend/boyfriend is gonna steal one anyway.)

Also, since you’re my ever-loyal Ada-gang and deserve a reward for your commitment to my adventures, I’ll let you in on a little secret too…. A super sale is coming soon, just in time for Halloween. Shhhhhhhhhh!

So, if you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll be the FIRST to know when this new merch is available, while the regular people will find out hours later lol, so sign up today!

Anyways, gotta run, lots to do and merch to perfect cause it’s not a drop, it’s a drip. I’m gonna be around for a while and you’ll get to witness ALL of this greatness.

Have a great weekend.

Ada Out!

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