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Appetizers Over Dating Apps – Pt. 2

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Now onto the actual story…

So I met this guy online – let’s call him Larry – we connected immediately and quickly went from in-app messaging to texting to talking on the phone every day. The verbal chemistry was off the charts so I knew if we met in person it was likely that there would be some sort of spark. He asked me out and I was right, the attraction was intense!

Now there we were on a date at my fave little restaurant, our eyes locked over the delicious keto apps and we’re smiling at each other like a damn toothpaste commercial. We lean in for that first kiss, and my eyes are closed with the anticipation of his lips against mine.

But.. instead of feeling lips, I hear instead, “Larry you lying #$%^!

Wait..what?? I quickly opened my eyes, all the way confused to see an attractively plump and very pregnant pear screaming at Larry. Then I noticed a wedding ring on her hand so I quickly added things up, and yup, turns out Lying-Larry is married! (With a baby on the way and two more kids at home mind you. This I learned from the yelling pear.)

Ada gang I just gave him a look of disgust, threw my water in his face, and left that restaurant without a word.

Am I upset? Surprisingly no. 

It was actually all very entertaining in the moment, and as we know by now, anyone can claim to be anything online. (Like Larry saying he’s single when he obviously isn’t.) I do feel bad for his wife though; who knows what else she’s putting up with?

Anyway, be safe out there Ada gang, stay entertained and just focus on yourself (and me of course). 

Love you! 

Ada out!

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