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Hi guys! 

We’re just going to completely ignore that previous post okay! Toast was trying to be all cute and take attention off of me by hacking my account, (BOUNDARIES much?), but the thing is you guys come here for meeee! So it backfired, and now his social media is being trolled.

Anyways, I decided to break up with him. I mean, it was time. 

We’ve outgrown each other, I shouldn’t have carbs while on keto anyway, and besides, I’ve got a bunch of other things to focus on. I don’t remember the last time I felt so free and empowered!

Things have been going great in my new job at VSummit. It’s a publishing house that’s run by an AMAZING woman named Bethany, who always pushes me to be and do my best! (Tough love is in the house!) But y’know what? It’s okay because I get to write great content all day, and best of all, I get to try all the designer shoes on loan for photoshoots to our magazine department.

Ahhh! My life is so perfect sometimes!

I’ll keep today’s blog short because I’m on deadline for this piece about why it’s not fair that men can walk around without their shirt, but let a woman do it and all of a sudden it’s indecent exposure, ugh gimme a break! Set those tatas free girls! They can’t lock us all up! #freethenipple2021

I’m thinking of working that into one of my jokes during my set tomorrow night. Oh, you didn’t know that I told jokes? Lol, sis is a whole comedian over here! Yeah, I do stand-up at the Laugh Factory’s amateur night every Thursday. The crowds are tough, but eventually, they’ll love me; I can feel it! They just don’t know that they like me yet!

Speaking of jokes, did I mention that my cookies totally flopped the other day? I was too embarrassed to mention it then in my blog, but those things were harder than hockey pucks! I’m not sure where I went wrong so I’ll have to test the recipe again, but I hope they came out better for you guys than they did for me.

I just wanna be like totally transparent with you guys y’know? So while I may be perfect and my life usually is, occasionally things can go a bit left.

Anyway! Sending you guys love and light. 

It’s back to work for me cause I don’t want to make Bethany mad. Have you ever seen a mad banana? They get all these brown splotches, and their seams start to split…

It’s not cute. 

I’ll get caught up with you guys again when I’m not on company time.

Later Ada gang! Muah! Muah!

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