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My Precious (Appetite)

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Hi guys!

Yeah… I know my last blog was a little heavy… but y’know what? It ain’t always sunshine and rainbows honey!

So sometimes I’ll be giving it to you straight, no chaser, but today is a sunshine day, so yay!

I’m hanging out with my twin sister Avonda all week. Don’t ask me how, but she somehow convinced me to go LARPING with her over the weekend, and I must admit, it was fun!

She’s hardcore into LOTR (yes, still), and I went as Legolas. (I mean… did you see his precision with that bow and those arrows back in the day?? *swoon*)

I’m more of a modern-day cosplay gal myself. I mean, was I working that Black Widow outfit, or was I WERKING it?! That catsuit gave everything it was supposed to give.

We ran into my co-worker Kevin there, and I wasn’t surprised to be honest, cause he’s been infatuated with my sis ever since she stopped by work one day to take me to lunch. Plus they’re both into a lot of the same things.

I remember that day well, not just because of the bomb AF triple-stacked burger with all the toppings and no bread that I demolished, but because as caught up as Kev was with Vony, he kept things respectful, and that’s refreshing.

Anyway, back to these two LARPing Lovers… So Avonda went as Gandalf (*rolls eyes in Elvish), and Kevin was there as Frodo. Every time Kev approached Vony she was like “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” and I was on the floor lmao! It was HILARIOUS!

Anyway, that’s Vony for you. She doesn’t play hard to get, she is hard to get. Kevin was a good sport about it though, so maybe she’ll change her mind about him. Or maybe not, whatever.

I think next time I’ll go as an NPC because LARPing is exhausting. I counted that as my workout and skipped the gym. Avonda is making me dinner tonight, but I know she’s only doing it because she doesn’t trust my cooking.

It’s not my fault that her smoke detectors are so damn sensitive.

Keto’s going great, and I’m having a cheat night, so I can’t wait to see what Avonda rustles up! Speaking of Keto, have you checked out my sweet merch yet??

We’ve got tees and tanks for guys, girls, and all you fabulous genders in between! And guess who’s on them? Me and the gang gang! So go check ’em out and treat yo’self!

We’ll catch up later. Right now I’m starving and my tummy is singing the song of my people, “Avondaaaaaaa, feeeeedddddd meeeeee!”, LOL.

Avocado out!

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